Celebrity Workouts? Who Are They Really For?

Celebrities do love to celebrate the beautiful body. Countless celebrities promote anything from their own workout videos to personalised health food ranges. Have you ever stopped and thought about who actually watches the videos and buys celebrity branded health foods? Are they suited for everybody or are they geared to people who have a lot of time and other resources to look after their bodies?

The Pros and Cons Celebrity Workouts

Don’t for one moment assume celebs do not make any money out of their workouts and Youtube videos. As a matter of fact, most celebs make large sums of money from their workouts. It does not matter if they are published as videos you can buy or available for you to view on Youtube. The truth is celebs earn a small fortune out of their workout videos and yoga sessions they like to promote online. I have taken the opportunity to look into what some of our most popular celebs earn from their workouts and I have to admit that I was pretty stunned. Celebs who have about 1 million followers will make at least about $10,000 per video they post. That is a staggering amount of money. When you post five videos per week, you stand to make a cool $50,000. Now that is a sum of money which would, at least in part, pay off many people’s mortgages.

Who Is Behind Celebrity Work Out Videos?

All of this makes you wonder who is behind celebrity workout videos. One thing is for sure, celebrities do not come up with their own fitness routines. This is a huge industry which is worth a lot of money. Almost all celebrities have a fitness coach or yoga guru who helps them to put routines together and make up exercise regimes. Needless to say, they also must be paid. Most of the time, they are paid on a commission basis or they have a personal contract with the celebrity in question. As part of the contract, they have probably been sworn to silence. Most people are happy to pay for a celebrity name but they are less happy to pay for the advice of a personal trainer.

Are These Videos For Real?

Mmmm, let’s think about this for a moment. If you have ever been involved in some kind of competitive sport, or trained for a marathon, you will know that it takes more than ten minutes per day to get fit. Check out celebrities online, and you will find they look really toned and ripped. There is no way that a celeb spends just ten minutes per day working out to stay in shape or get in shape. These guys spend an extraordinary amount of time working out.

How Much Time Does A Celeb Spend Workout Out Per Day?

The average super-fit celeb spends at least two – three hours working out per day. Fooling you into thinking that you can get a body looking that good in ten minutes is not doing these guys any good in the long run. To get a celebrity body, you really need to work out a lot. Not only that, but you also need to cross train. That means working out using a variety of techniques and principles. Does the average person have the inclination and drive to do so? That is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Most celebs probably spend about 2 – 3 hours per day working out in different ways. Do you really have the time to do so?

Celebrities And Motivation

Motivation is ultimately what matters when it comes to getting in shape. This is something celebs excel at if you check out their workout videos. Rather than promising you are going to get your dream body by following their workout, they try to motivate you to stick with the program, subscribe or buy their new DVD. That is not a bad idea. When a celeb persuades you to stick with a program, they will earn more money the next time they release a new video or post a new Youtube workout. It is a bit like working in retail. Once you have gained a customer, you should do your utmost to hang on to them. The concept is called customer retention and is followed by most commercial organisations across the world. In the long run, it will save money as you don’t have to look for new customers all of the time. If you are a celeb, it is an easy concept to use. You are already popular and you may even have a huge amount of followers on social media. Making the most of them means you will earn more money. And on top of that, you can earn a lot of money very quickly for very little effort.

The Most Popular Celebrity Workouts

What are the most popular celebrity workouts? Back in the 1980’s, the American actress Jane Fonda used to make fitness videos. She was famous for her “go for the burn” attitude when it came to aerobics. Most of her videos did actually feature herself but you could tell all of her videos were carefully choreographed. Also, she made a small fortune. It is rumoured she made more money from her fitness videos than her movie career. Today, there are still celebs out there who would like to go for the burn. But, there are also celebs who like to promote other fitness regimes. Yoga is perhaps the most popular trend at the moment. I have lost count of how many celebs are posting yoga videos and creating DVD box sets you can buy online. They swear they only spend an hour per day practicing yoga. But, any yoga guru would tell you that it takes a lot longer than an hour per day to get good at yoga and benefit from it. Most of us who are into yoga know you need to practice for about two hours per day to benefit and get fit as far as yoga training is concerned. Also, you need to work out 7 days per week. That is a lot of workout hours and you really need to be dedicated to stay on top of your workout regime. Do you have the time?

Who Should Try Celebrity Workout Videos Or DVDs?

When you are fortunate enough to have spare time to dedicate to working out like a celeb, you should consider dedicating a good part of your day to it. I have been into yoga and working out for many years. As a result, I am often asked how much time I dedicate to my work out. My answer shocks a lot of people. To keep fit and make sure I get the most out of my advanced yoga routines, I spend at least 2 – 3 hours per day working out. This is exactly what celebs do. Celebs get up in the morning, have something light to eat and may spend the rest of the morning working out. It is not very different from the lifestyles of an athlete. As I am still into running marathons, I know that keeping fit is essential and I dedicate a large part of my day to it. Despite my partner’s protest, I am up at 6.30 am and working out. My day starts with a Kundalini yoga routine, I then go running with my large dog and back home for breakfast. During the early evening or afternoon, I spend another hour working out using weights and body resistance routines. That is really the secret to working out as a celeb, you need to cross train to stay on top of your game.

Are Celeb Workouts Right For Your Lifestyle?

So, who should be checking out celebrity workout videos? If you have time during the day. Perhaps you are involved with a Birmingham escorts agency or other profession where you have the time on your hands to stay on top of your fitness. Mentioning Birmingham escorts may seem a bit funny, but I mentioned them for a good reason. Check out girls who work for escort agencies such as Birmingham escorts, and you will see they are very fit. Not only do they have very little body fat, but they are also very toned. That tells me they spend a lot of time working out when they are not busy. A good idea is to divide your day into different segments. Perhaps you could start with doing yoga to wake the body up first thing in the morning. Later on you could fit in some aerobic exercise to burn body fat and calories. But don’t forget about all of those toning exercises. If you are serious about getting ripped like a celeb, you need to fit those in as well. This is why I mentioned escorts. Many of these girls have in the past worked as models. Just one of the reasons I think that working out as celebs would be right for them. I would even go as far as to say that girls such as Birmingham escorts have just as good bodies as many celebs. Are you ready to work out? If so, check out what your favorite celeb recommends for you.